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I’ve Got Something to Say

This site was one of the very first sites that I ever set up. It started out hosted on the free member pages that America Online offered. Eventually I decided that I wanted to get a domain name and set up a site where I had more control over how things were done. I still have the original code that I used on AOL though. :)

It took six months just to figure out what the domain name was going to be. I approached the problem from several different directions. I tried various combinations of my name and keywords like “photography” and “pictures” and other options along those lines. I even found a latin dictionary on the Internet that I used to try to come up with something creative! Nothing worked… and by that I mean that nothing “clicked” for me. I started thinking about what photography was really about, at least to me, and by this time I had been taking pictures for about 3 years. I had learned the hard way that it really didn’t matter how you composed the shot, or how amazing the subject matter was… if you didn’t have that magical moment of light the picture didn’t have the same spark.

Hm. Moment of light. That sounded intresting. A quick search of the Network Solutions database (at the time they were just about the only one allowed to register domains) showed that unlike many of my other ideas, this one was available.

I registered it for ten years and moved my AOL member pages over to the domain name. The site has grown over the years (less in recent years due to other projects taking a large percentage of my time) and today I launch the blog component in order to provide a more interactive format.

Oh, and the domain name? It was only a few months after the registration when we got our first phone call from someone looking for the business Moments of Light. Imagine our surprise, since we had not advertised anything and in fact were still getting the initial web site put together.

Turned out the guy was looking for a company to sell him some lightbulbs. :lol:

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