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The Rocket Works

After seeing a couple of “how-to” videos on youtube that show how to clean a digital camera I decided to order a “rocket” to see what I could do for mine. I have to say, it works. It really works.

The rocket in question is the Giotto’s Rocket Air Blower, and I ordered mine from B&H Photo Video. This rocket is a hand-powered air blower rather than being compressed air. The rocket has a fairly large body so it can move a lot of air. They say the air intake has a filter to keep it from grabbing dust particles from the air and sending them into your camera. All I know is it took about 30 seconds to set my camera up for a “bulb” exposure, hang it upside down (as suggested), and give it several sharp blasts from the rocket. The result: no spots on my images anymore.

I’m quite happy about that. :) It was quick, simple, and painless. And as one person commented, since it’s not compressed gas of any kind you can carry it on an airplane for use when you travel.

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