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Archive for the ‘Camera Bodies’ Category

Nikon D4 Announced

The technical blog engadget has posted about the forthcoming Nikon D4.

New Equipment

I got some new toys tools near the end of last year, including a new Nikon D700 digital body. As luck would have it, life has been really really busy over the past few months (as evidenced by lack of activity on this blog) so I have not had time to shoot very much with it yet.

I hope to rectify this shortly. 8-)

DX Lenses Becoming Obsolete

A 35mm camera has, interestingly enough, a data collection mechanism (film) that is 35mm. Most of the digital SLR cameras (from Nikon or otherwise) on the market today have a sensor that is smaller than 35mm. The net result is that if you use a 35mm lens on a digital SLR the lens focal length is increased, and in some cases the image quality is sharpened at the same time. [1] For many lenses this is a positive result as a 400mm film lens becomes a 600mm lens when used with the smaller sensor. For wide angle lenses (anything below 50mm for a film lens is considered wide angle) this is not such a good thing. [2]

As a result Nikon came out with a line of DX lenses that were designed for the size of the sensor used in their digital SLR bodies. These lenses were smaller and less expensive and made it easier for new folks to get involved with digital SLR photography. But the problem is they’re already becoming obsolete. Continue…

Why Film?

A few posts ago I mentioned that I had purchased a new film camera. Yes, a new film camera. One that uses chemistry to capture images. Why would I do that? It’s a fair question, and one that I will answer now. It’s all about future-proofing my images.


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