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The Rocket Works

After seeing a couple of “how-to” videos on youtube that show how to clean a digital camera I decided to order a “rocket” to see what I could do for mine. I have to say, it works. It really works. Continue…

Telephoto AF Micro Nikkor 200mm f/4.0D ED-IF Autofocus Lens

Not too long ago I posted my initial impressions of my new 200-400 VR lens. I still have not managed to give that lens the workout it deserves, so I am not ready to provide any additional comments just yet. Instead, today I bring you my initial impressions of another new lens, the Telephoto AF Micro Nikkor 200mm f/4.0D ED-IF Autofocus Lens. More alphabet soup. :-)


Why Film?

A few posts ago I mentioned that I had purchased a new film camera. Yes, a new film camera. One that uses chemistry to capture images. Why would I do that? It’s a fair question, and one that I will answer now. It’s all about future-proofing my images.


Zoom Telephoto AF Zoom Nikkor 200-400mm f/4 G-AFS ED-IF VR Autofocus Lens

First Impressions

Wow, talk about alphabet soup. :lol: The title of this blog post is the way Nikon describes one of their newest lenses. It’s quite a mouthful, but each set of letters represents an important feature. I had been anticipating the release of this lens since last summer when it was first announced. It took quite a while for Nikon to ramp up production, and even today it is very difficult to find this lens in stock anywhere. I was fortunate enough to pick one up about a month ago during the few days B&H Photo Video had them in stock, and I have started taking pictures with it. So far, I am very pleased.

VHTF Nikon BL-3 @5x Retail… Such a Bargain!

Last year I purchased a film camera. Yes, you read that correctly, a film camera. Two, actually. The answer to the question “why would you do that?” is coming soon in another blog post. This is about something different. About people and how desperation makes them do strange things.

Deciding on a Fisheye Lens Purchase

Toward the end of last year I decided that I needed to purchase a fisheye lens. The question was, which one? No, I don’t mean that I had to decide whether to purchase a Nikon lens or something else. I started buying only Nikon glass a few years back and have not regretted it at all. The question that I faced was whether to buy the DX fisheye or not.

The DX lenses from Nikon are intended to be used with their digital cameras. In a nutshell it means that the lens is designed for the smaller focal area found in most current digital camera bodies. Until now I have always decided to get the full-featured “film” lens because they work just fine on my film cameras. The will also work on the digiital cameras but the focal length is effectively increased due to the smaller sensor. This is great for longer lenses (a 300mm becomes a 450mm on a digital camera with the smaller sensor) and stinks for wide angle lenses. :)

So why would I even consider it for the fisheye? It’s because the fisheye lens geometry is so precise that it will only work properly on one type of camera or the other. Decisions, decisions… what to do?


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