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What's a theme page? Well, if you would like to read about a particular place in depth then you would probably be more interested in our Trips section. If you want to learn how some of the pictures were taken, our Techniques pages are where you want to go.

If you just want to see pictures grouped by some common thread, then our Themes pages might be just what you are looking for. The pictures here may be from many different locations, different trips, different seasons... but will share some common subject or topic.

Current topics:

  • Flowers
    We have seen some wonderful macro photography sites on the web. This is our attempt at sharing some of our closeup work.
  • Focus on Water
    We have a "thing" for water. Running water, falling water, reflections in standing water. In our travels we are always on the lookout for interesting water events to photograph... thus the "Focus" on Water. Get it?
  • Sunrise, Sunset
    Every morning the sun rises, and every evening the sun sets. Sometimes you can't see it because you are inside, or it's raining, or you are just too busy. Next time, try to take a look. Or, if you are ready now, take a look at some of the sunset pictures we have here.
  • Wildlife
    Wildlife presents an interesting challenge. Rocks, for the most part, sit still while you try to take their picture.

"Chimney Rock"
Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
Big Picture

Coming soon...

  • Landscapes
    Including the Colorado Plateau, Rocky Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountains, and other wonderful scenic places from my travels.
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