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This page provides a way for us to cover a particular location in depth. (The Themes page, by contrast, shows pictures of a particular category.) We currently feature several tours of national parks in Utah, information about various locations in Colorado, and a couple of other locations as well.

Current tours:

  • Arizona
    Features a tour of the Petrified Forest National Park.
  • Colorado
    Features tours of Mount Evans, the Maroon Bells, the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, and the Great Sand Dunes National Monument.
  • Louisiana
    The Atchafalaya Swamp is an amazing place. See some pictures from a recent trip when they are available.
  • New Mexico
    Don't overlook New Mexico on your way to the Grand Canyon, Colorado Rockies, or wilds of West Texas. Stop in and take a look around; there's plenty to see.
  • Utah
    Arches National Park. Bryce. Canyonlands. Zion. Part of the Grand Staircase that the Colorado River travels through on its way to the ocean.
  • Bermuda
    For a little bit of a change, visit Bermuda! Pink beaches and unique wildlife make this a stop worth your while.

"Waterfall Steps"
Hawk's Nest State Park, West Virginia
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Coming soon...

  • West Virginia
    Home of the New River Gorge, which is actually one of the geologically oldest rivers in the country. It is also the largest river that flows north.
  • Wyoming
    Yellowstone. 'nuff said.
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